Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Ava!

Yes she did blow the candles out all by herself! She woke up like any other morning - chiper and ready to kick start the day. She climbed out of her cot, knocked on the door, called out and waited patiently. We didn't wrap any of her presents, we didn't see the point... she was so excited when she saw the pram and her new babies, she plays with them everyday.

She also got some drawing materials, new bed sheets, a dress and a bike!

Later that afternoon we played some games in the backyard. Here is Paul after I scared the crap out of him during 'hide and seek'.

Our trip to Kerang

We woke up early on the morning of Jai's birthday and Jumped on a plane, bound for Melbourne. We were all excited to get away for the week. Jai was excited to be spending his birthday with his buddy Orrin, and I was especially excited to be going away for a night in the city AND to see Michael Buble!

I'm not sure how I ended up dangling a child on the side of the highway, I must have lost rock-paper-scissors somehow, anyway Jai and Tim thought it would be funny to take pictures. Ha Ha.

The damage done by the floods over the last few months is still very fresh. It is amazing to see all this water where there are normally dry fields. it's very sad.

Happy Birthday Jai!

Jai's favourite colour is blue, so we made that the theme for his birthday party at mum's.

We had lot's of fun dancing and playing games. Mum and Sarah made the cup cakes, which were very popular.

Jai has matured a lot over the last year, I'm a bit sad to have him at school now, because he is so helpful around the house. Happy birthday Jai, and many more!

We stayed at the Sofitel for my birthday getaway. We had the best time! The hotel was very nice; we were able to order off a pillow menu, the food was fantastic and the service was very professional. I would like to have at home anti-fog mirrors and sensor lights in the bathroom, like our room had.

We were running out of time to have dinner before the show, so we ordered in. We had the best roast pumpkin and potatoe gnocci ever, followed by the best chocolate dessert I have ever had.

Michael was very good. He has an incredible voice, so smooth and strong. He could sing anything, and his band were amazingly talented as well. He did all his new stuff, some crowd-pleasers, a Michael Jackson tribute and some Van Morrison. We had a great night.

We didn't take many photos because we wanted to relax and enjoy it while it was happening.

I had these beautiful flowers delivered to me the morning of my birthday! Tim picked out individual flowers he knew I would like.

Later that night we had a little party for me back at mum and dad's place. I'm not really 20..

For our last day in Kerang we went to the local swimming pool. It was a really hot day for us, about 35 degrees celsius. Ava kept us especially busy watching her because she loved to see how far she could go along the inside of the pool by holding onto the edge.

Jai found some goggles while he was swimming - lucky!

Rylan got in for free - what a butt head! Ha ha..

Tia, Pani and Jai laughing at Arden being rude.

I love my swimmers, I got them for 75% off the original price - hooray!

Some safety rules that were specifically laid down for the residents of Kerang, Please observe the following:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

School Holidays with giblets

Missy can't wait until she starts school, but she will have to wait along time. I don't actually mind the christmas holidays.. the kids are still young enough to occupy with regular trips to the local parks, catching up with friends every now and then, and do a little bit of cooking!
I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Arden prefers to get a nude tan, but I was able to convince him to cover up for a happy snap.

My little Master Chefs - thanks for the apron Hay!

A lot of time was spent at the park. Summer was a bit patchy, between nice days and just-passable days. So when it was hot enough, you had to drop everything and find a swimming pool, or else you might go all summer without a swim!

Poor Ardy had his first drowning-moment on this day. All the adults were distracted for a second and then under he went.
Might I add I was the one to jump in and save him...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A catch up on Christmas

This year, after having been inspired by all the beautiful things at the Deloraine Craft fair, I wanted to decorate the tree with a simple, natural theme. Cut-out wooden pieces, brown twine, stained ceramics... its not all that colourful, but i like it!



and Jai's presents.
Yeah, way over the top, it's not happening this year.

Even Missy got into the spirit of giving... Paul came round for present opening and breakfast, after a long night helping the 'elves' assemble something through the long hours of the night...

I didn't take any pictures of the food! I've been doing that a lot lately, ie on the cruise.
Anyway there were toasted crossients with ham and cheese, tomatoe and feta pastries, pancakes with banana, walnut and maple syrup, and summer berries and home-made yoghurt.

Lunch with the Family

Everything was really good. Lots of meats and beautiful salads. Mark and Bec also had heaps, and by heaps I mean bucket loads, of raspberries. It was summer bliss!

Nandali's elf suit was so cute. We were in such a rush we forgot the santa suite for Tim to dress up in.

Our kids are at a good age now to enjoy christmas and know a little bit about why we celebrate it. It was great to have Tim home for the whole day, I loved it and the kids did too. All in all, we had a lovely christmas. Now to plan for this year...

Arden's childcare break-up Party (mid Dec)

We got there nice and early so that the kids wouldn't have to wait so long to get their faces painted. Under pressure, they couldn't decide what they wanted to be, so Spiderman was the easiest choice.

The kids balloons didn't last very long, the boys asked for swords, to kill each other of course, and missy got a flower.